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Network Licensing Program

Whether you’re an experienced holistic health practitioner or someone who’s just starting out in the holistic field, the Regenesis network licensing program can help enhance your business success. The Regenesis Integrative Health Centers concept is born from decades of experience in the holistic and colon health fields. Our licensing program embodies the vision, education, and training to address three very important needs.

1. To help natural health practitioners achieve accelerated success by having a united identity under the Regenesis umbrella.

Capable therapists have floundered because of the difficulty of initiating and implementing an effective business model and identity. Having immediate national recognition of an established business creates momentum and grows a greater collective team.

2. To give health practitioners the right business tools including inspirational literature, nutrition and health evaluation forms, promotional literature, stationery and office forms, appointment log, presence on our Web site and the technical support to help build your business.

Building an effective administrative infrastructure by trial and error takes many years. There is no need to reinvent a system. A Regenesis network license offers you an immediate infusion of business know-how and a smart and professional image.

3. To serve and empower clients more effectively.

Business success and satisfaction are intertwined with the client’s health success and satisfaction. The Regenesis format will ensure each center has the tools and focus to best serve clients so that they, their family, and their friends will return again and again.

So invest in your success and join the Regenesis network today! Call (512) 326-3737 or email info@regenesisihc.com for more information.